13 October 2006 02:59 am

Right, so, okay, I got around to playing tonight. After all, I had four Nimby episodes sitting in the wings, so it's not like I had to be somewhere. *snort* Certainly not in a fic chapter, since I haven't seen my muse in forever. Eh, whatever.

Today's issue of §imLife is shocking, just shocking. There's quite a number of pictures, too!

We started off by mistakenly heading Downtown and into the Verdi household, where I realized that a brother was missing. Well, duh. Justus was already at university. Seeing as how I was there, I got Trevor his pool skill, another scholarship or two, and sent him off to join his brother. *sigh*

You can imagine how thrilled I was when the dorm cook, Ms I-Forget-Her-Name, set the stove on fire at least six times during our play session. Nimby was quite annoyed.

Yet Another Fire

Eventually, after befriending just about anything that even thought about moving, Justus (currently a Popularity sim) ran out of people to chat up, so I sent him off downtown to my favorite spot (currently), the One-Twenty-Five Café. As he was walking inside, I noticed the following.


Can you say ewww?

Anyway (and I just can't believe I did this), Justus decided as a spur of the moment thing to have a date with the old geezer (they have *shudders* two bolts with each other). They didn't make it to dream date (Justus isn't a whore, after all), but it did result in them having a crush on each other. I may never recover, actually.

Anyhoo... so, Justus gets a phone call back at the dorm, from Lord Voldemort. He said he heard from his friend Albus that Justus was tons of fun, and would he like to go on an outing? Justus counted up to see just how many new friends he might conceivably get out of the deal, and accepted. Can you guess who showed up?

Here's a picture of dinner.

Chef's Choice

It is important to note that Lucius and Draco both have Caesar salad as their favorite meal. *chortles* Wussy little nancy boys! Narcissa goes for the more hearty choice of chili, Voldemort some sort of tart, Justus with spaghetti, Severus with *gasp* mac & cheese, and Priestess Bats with... a hamburger? Yo, Bats! You cool with that? I can kill sim!you if you want at no extra charge.

Anyway, the outing went nicely, though it didn't top out. Unfortunately, there was a run on the facilities once dinner was paid for (thanks to a nice coupon Justus had sitting in his inventory).

Get Out

I really don't want to know how Bats managed to trigger a damn fear while sitting on the toilet. (Actually, now I think about it, she probably fears public loos.) And then...

Fight 01

A catfight broke out between our two favorite enemies (it's funny, actually, considering that Voldy gets on with Molly just swimmingly), and we see them trying to smush each other's faces in. Then, in a move often associated with him, Voldykins pulls the "Rrrrrr!" face and leaps on Arthur from behind.

Fight 02

Please note that everyone is rooting for Voldemort, and Kestrel shows up to point and laugh at Arthur.

Fight 03

The only people who actually did root for Arthur were Ron and one of the waiters, who looked to be all bent out of shape with worry at the time.

Only Ron

At some point during the evening, I noticed this and cringed.


Corbin also seems to go all hearty-farty over Severus. *sigh* Eh, and somewhere in all this Justus managed to develop a crush on Voldemort. I almost went with it because of Control Issues, but...

After the fight I spied this gem of a setup, and shook my head. I don't wish to know what they were doing in there together. Really, I don't. (Please note, when Justus did finally go back to the dorm, I skipped back over to downtown and remodeled the cafe to have a better bathroom, and put in Bathroom Uses You! terlet rolls to cut back on people clogging.)

Don't Wanna Know

Also spotted during the evening:


I can only assume that the waitress was warning Ron that he might wish to wear a hardhat due to a waitress spilling dinner all over Justus and his party instead of serving it like she ought.

Back at the dorms, we get our first visit from a streaker! And he's a cutie-pie, too! You can tell that Justus isn't very outgoing by the fact that he does that "Oh my virgin eyes!" thing. Trevor, on the other hand, looks bored.


And our final picture for the evening (I was getting tired, so I decided to stop playing for the time being), is a shot of Justus and Shawn in the hottub after several rounds of shagging the pixies out of each other on a date. Awww.


Justus wants to get engaged to Shawn, but we'll see. Until next time...