24 September 2006 07:40 am

So I played again today... rather lost track of the time, actually. I'm pretty certain several hours went straight into a black void or something.

I swear, I can't look away for two seconds! Corbin and Kestrel shag like bunnies on viagra! Since we last visited our handsome couple, Kestrel became pregnant twice more. *sigh* Randy little bastards. Blaine did not get the elf ears, but the fourth boy, Ferid, did.

Why hello there

What was that

And then... tragedy struck! *cue up dramatic music* For some reason old snakeface took a dislike to someone in my household. Can't figure out who or why... none of my people have fury status. I have to wonder if Mr Sentry Bot produces this sort of response out of thin air, sort of like how adopting a cat in Sims 1 meant your property was overrun with mice.

Thief Voldemort

Voldemort Fleeing

I repaired the bot (of course). For all I knew, Voldy would be back to kick over my trash can, the bastard. So what happened next?

Voldemort in Red

And then...!

Thief Narcissa

The sad thing is... the bot was working. However, instead of shocking Narcissa into pissing herself (we could hope), it was off around the corner shocking the fella one of the boys brought home from school. *scratches head* Go figure.

Justus is in college now. After I finish up his first year I'll head back to the household and send his brother Trevor along. I also used the randomize aspiration feature on the InSIMinator to change both Justus and Trevor since they already obtained their Lifetime Want to max all skills. (Go Macrotastics and Skillinator!)

(ETA: I'm a bit of a ninny today, actually. The dorm I created as a test for Justus was somewhat flawed... I forgot certain essentials, like, oh, a phone? Lighting in some areas. However, as a template for the "Vanishing Room" dorm series, it's not half bad. Dormies complain about not being able to enter "their" rooms due to the design, but they now *gasp* actually sleep in the provided beds, rather than passing out in very inconvenient places.)