16 September 2006 04:09 am

So I played around with Sims 2 this evening, creating a bunch of sims from the Harry Potter world (man, did those Weasleys come out fugly), and I thought I'd share two of the pics I snapped from in-game.

First up we have the lovely Priestess Bats Mondai. You'll notice that she's not wearing the correct clothing, but that's easily explained. You see, she had just entered the lot in order that she might, at some point, perform the ceremony when Albus (not pictured) tripped over his robes and then compounded the problem by stepping on hers. Needless to say, her dress was shredded, and many of the guests saw exactly what sort of undies she prefers. Also destroyed in the calamity was her spiffy looking staff thingy.

Priestess Bats

Next up we have Lord Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy caught gossiping about Draco while Arthur tries to step away without notice.


A short time later on I caught Voldykins and Lucius playing a game of Red Hands (Voldy lost and pouted). The second Albus Dumbledore walked onto the lot Voldy dashed over like his ass was on fire and said hello. (I thought that was a touch strange myself.)

And a while after that, after Voldemort had gone home, I noticed Lucius gossiping about Voldemort with Narcissa. Sheesh, talk about a lack of loyalty!

21 September 2006 03:34 am

So, I actually played today, which is mildly shocking. And I have a few more pictures, one of which is fluffy, while the other two might be considered mildly humorous.

On a side note, I have to say the hands down, overall winner of the marathon Silent Hill 1-4 OST listen-to was "Theme of Laura" from SH2, though I'm slightly puzzled as to how that little girl managed to score that particular track.

Well, no matter. I love it, and coming in at second is "Silent Hill" off the first OST.

First, the fluff. This is Kestrel (no relation whatsoever to Harry, despite appearances) teaching his son Justus how to talk. Justus, at least, got the elf ears, unlike his younger brother Trevor.


Next up is a lovely shot of Voldykins making an ugly face when Molly suggests using a timeclock for his vast number of minions (to better keep track of their hours, naturally), while Narcissa is betraying her secret desire for Lord Thingy with all those horribly obvious floaty-hearts.


And finally, an inside look at just exactly where and how Voldemort gets his plans for further attempts at world domination. Lucius and Narcissa are right to be gossiping about him again considering that Voldy is not only getting higher than a kite, but listening to the advice of teenagers. (Note Albus in the background, who is probably upset that the 'bubble blower' already has four patrons.)

World Domination

(Note: I decided not to include the picture where two of the customers were duking it out while Voldemort stood off to one side hooting, pumping a fist, and cheering them on. No idea who he was actually rooting for, though.)

22 September 2006 02:28 am

Yeah, I played again. Wanna make something of it? *stares*

So, first up we have Voldykins and Ginevra discussing the merits of sports-type figures (or indeed, equipment) in use for torturing enemies. Given that they're using the bubble blower at this time, I'm hardly surprised. (Note: I missed getting shots of Voldy introducing the concepts of beer and cosmetics to the discussion. A shame, really.)

Notice Arthur striding into the shot from the right. He stopped after a few more paces and just stared at them. I wonder if this is why....

Merit of Sports

Second we have a simply lovely shot at a new community lot I purchased for Corbin (he had a want!)... I sent Corbin and Kestrel upstairs to meditate and let it run on speed3. In any case, Arthur and Voldy obviously hit a snag in their friendship, as it devolved right into this nasty fight (the first of three, actually), with Severus rooting for his master (of course).

I'm really rather shocked. Lucuis kept right on playing poker. You'd think a decent and reliable minion would have rushed over to cheer like Sevvie was. *eyeroll*


Kestrel doing the wussy "Ewwww, garbage!" thing. I expect next he'll start mincing and flouncing as befits (*snerk*) his flamboyant gayness.


Kestrel feeling the need to go, "Bleh!!" He and Corbin have since been cured of their vampirism, but it still hasn't stopped them shagging like bunnies constantly.


And lastly, a rather odd snap of Corbin congratulating Kestrel for being such a smokin' hot looking fella.