19 November 2007 04:10 pm

Been playing up a storm (no pun intended), but that's to be expected after not having access to the game for months on end, right?

In today's episode we have eighteen pictures (one of which features Bats again) during a trip Justus made to the pet shop to buy some cats (and, incidentally, meet his first vampire).

Justus and Draco opted to get married very quickly and the arch was set up in the room set aside as a future baby farm. At one point during the cutscene (praise be to Gadwin PrintScreen for allowing snaps of those) Draco looked like he might cry. The picture was mysteriously lost, though, probably so no one could use it later on to blackmail him with.



It took me forever to realize that blondie there really was wearing a uniform and really was the damn hotel maid, which would explain why he kept skipping through the locked hotel room door like it wasn't even there.



They returned home to snow, and I couldn't resist getting a shot of the house like this. It kind of makes me homesick. *sigh*


Justus hung around for a little bit after buying Squee (male) and Whee (female) so he could meet a few townies. The vampire was a bonus. I dunno, I love having one as a family friend, but am always ambivalent about someone getting vamped.


I am seriously considering (yeah, right) altering the alphas or something for all those Alkea Guinea tops I downloaded so they aren't half covering the hands. At any rate, Harry is right there hearty-fartying over Severus, so no surprises today.


Yer darn right I cheated. Squee and Whee were immediately "taught" to be respectful. But the toilet training was done properly. They learned to "sing along" with the radio on their own, though. :P




For some bizarre reason Draco's LTW was to be a Space Pirate. Hey, he managed it. But every time I got a shot of him dressed for work he was thinking about babies and making out.



It just seems strange. I don't even have any fish mounted. Also, the only semi-shot of Larsa as a child. Isn't he stylin'? Draco's eyes and I think a lot of his facial structure, but Justus's hair colour and some other touches.



I only bought the damn sauna because Draco (Fortune sim) wanted one. Strangely, it doesn't do a thing for hygiene.


It's kinda weird how Larsa's brows look so different depending on the shot. I didn't change them, but in some they look a lot heavier. Either way, I think he's better looking than either parent, and I may just extract him and set him up as an archetype.




Justus (why is it always him who gets knocked up!?) split off twin boys. The first one was named Vayne (in keeping with our FF XII theme for the generation) and has Draco's eyes but Justus's hair, while the second one (named Vaan) has Justus's black hair and green eyes.

We'll have to see what the little nippers look like as toddlers later (since all babies look alike).

Will Larsa ever get that cell phone he wants? Find out next time (maybe).