16 November 2007 11:45 pm

And we're back!

Yes, folks, that means that Rick figured out that my video card was causing the problem (it fried along with the CPU and motherboard), and since we had his old one (exactly the same card as mine)...

So let's take a look at some pictures taken from Bon Voyage, shall we?

Yet another Justus in yet another neighborhood (this time, Crescent Island). And hey! The return of Bats! No idea what she's looking at, either. She just seems a bit shy for some bizarre reason. (Wonder if she still has a fear of public loos?)


The welcoming committee included Lucius and Draco. Lucius loves to cheat.


But that's okay, since Draco and Justus do, too.


Sadly, Justus seems to have "the hots" for Draco. His new turn-ons are blond hair and cooking skill (love that new ones are included!), and a turn-off of... zombies? I forget.

Anyway, the BV beta version of ACR seems to working just fine in the normal areas, since Justus made a Booty Call to invite Draco over to shag the pixies out of him.


And we're off on a holiday! This time we're going to Tazwhatever Village. I love the luggage they haul around even though it's purely decorative.


Checking in... Justus wants to know if he can take this fella home for a shag. The uniform really does it for him.


Justus is barely settled in when the slapping starts. This time...? Derrick v. Derek! They must be arguing about the difference in how the name is spelled, right? Either way, this new neighborhood seems to be overrun with redheads.


Now THAT is one hell of a dumbwaiter for room service!


The new hot tub-ish thing seats a bunch of people! Sadly, no one died.


The delights of using Macro|Dig For Stuff, and hitting a water main.


Justus autonomously deciding to sunbathe (no, he did not get a sunburn, thankfully), with Mr Fire Dance whipping his little combustible thingie around.


Of course, Justus also shagged the pixies out of Bill Weasley (sadly, he's a Romance sim), but Bill seems to think that Voldybear is Teh Hot. Unfortunately, it looks like 'noeatcrap' isn't quite handling things well if Voldy eating spoiled pizza is anything to go by.... He ate some, napped in it, then woke up and had some more. Ewww.


And last, but not least, over at the mountain vacation spot, the Mountain Man or whatever he's called. That's some kind of ugly (and his fur isn't showerproof... silly Eaxis).