15 March 2007 09:55 pm

More playtime, of course. Justus was finally able to rearrange the garden after a few things happened (obtained gold gardening badge, got top prize [wishing well] after a call to join the garden club, and harvested all still growing plants).

Kate was finally kicked off to university, but not until she'd gotten her first kiss. She 'wished' for romance at the well and a guy hit the grass. (I expected that part.) Then he kissed her! Saved me time, that's for sure. And then they went and had woohoo in her brand new double bed, and she, in the afterglow, called in for scholarships, then a cab.

But anyway, on with the pictures.

I had barely loaded up the damn lot when old Grimmy stopped by. Ra, elder male cat, kicked the bucket. Ming and Seth yowled like mad the whole time. I guess it's the feline version of a send-off? During that whole long scene (Grimmy does need to check his clipboard and phone the office, you know), Kate arrived home.

She glanced over with a smile at the scene, totally unperturbed, and went off to do her homework. The really creepy thing about this death is that while Grimmy was shaking a cat toy at Ra, music suddenly kicked in.... specifically, Tubular Bells (you know, from The Exorcist?). Turns out Rick decided just that moment to call me, and it was my cell's ring tone.


Kate decides to steal back the gnome that Kyle stole.


But he's back! He tries, he's denied!


I deleted the cat woohoo pic, but Ming and Seth tried for babies. Days and days and days later we ended up with male Malkin (from Greymalkin) and female Freya. They both ended up (four sim days later) looking like Seth, but Malkin got the Siamese face mask.


Ra had been floating around for quite a while before he finally decided to scare the piss out of Kate. Considering how low a lot of her motives were, I should count myself lucky he didn't kill her.


Justus 'I have a bajillion friends' Verdi was invited on an outing, so naturally he said yes. Here we see Narcissa asking God why oh why can't Mona buy a clue along with a new wardrobe?


I thought she'd learned. Right after Mona, Narcissa did the 'call me' hearty-farty thing over Lucius. But then, inside... It was so bad she refused to sit down... (I had to cheat, actually.) Please note that Shawn is somehow included in the group.


Kieran is still fuming over townie Robin. Fumbles Jr, however, takes that moment to ignore Kestrel and stare at Kieran's ass.


Yeah, you knew it was coming, especially since Shawn was along. Severus is being a bad boy in inset 2 by staring at Justus's ass (then again, there was a placement defect and Sev was stuck between two chairs, which I had to fix using the dormtools cheat). Naturally, Justus wins!


Farkin' Mr Sentry Bot is still having inappropriate thoughts about Justus.


My first sighting of the skunk. Thankfully, no one got sprayed.


For a change of pace, and because Shawn has his knickers in a twist of losing that fight, he drops by the house 'round about twice a day to attempt theft or trashcan kicking. Mr Sentry Bot is right on top of things! (Unfortunately, it broke sometime after these two pics, necessitating repairs.)


Another outing, this time Kate cruising for first kiss material. Harry seems to have a crush on Kyle, and keeps trying to pelt him with water balloons. Strays are a pain in the ass, but will pause to slurp rain/snow-melt puddles.


Arthur finally gets fit! Give the man a hand! (Actually, I think Arthur should be thanking Syberspunk, since I'm pretty sure it's his hack that allows non-selectable sims to gain dance and body skill.)


At this point I remembered that I never turned Mr Sentry Bot back on. Ooops. By the time I could get him up and running again, Shawn had already stolen a gnome, and Kyle was after one himself.


Shawn just... invited himself in. Didn't ring the doorbell, just came in so he could be rude to Justus. And then, as you can see, he went all hearty farty over Trevor, who was caught in a walkby earlier that day and was greeted.