14 March 2007 04:20 am

So I did, actually, create a brand spankin' new N001 and created all my custom townies. And then I copied those character files out, along with the neighborhood package, and dumped them into the N001 template.

Of course, given that I went on a bit of a hair binning spree today (yeah, I just had to download more... some examples from Louis/Ren/SimCribbling: female, male, and more male), I expect that some of those townies are going to be bald or in totally the wrong hair. I'll have to check and make corrections. *sigh*

Time slowed down. It took hours and hours and hours to get through fall/autumn. But that's okay!

First up, I finally saw that damn floating pig!


Kate went back over to Bar Cynster to see if she could hook back up with Kyle (no such luck). While she was there, however, I noticed that Harry and Albus are not getting along.


In fact, there was quite a bit of poking going on (though... not the kind of poking that pervert Dumbles would prefer), but no slapping and nobody got kicked to the curb. *sigh* Bad, bad outing.

"I'm the more powerful wizard!"

"No, I am! And I have better hair, so nyah!"


I modified my copy of TwoJeff's Visitor Controller, so Mrs Crumplebottom isn't denied by default. And as you can see, she's really thrilled to find someone to scold (Kate, naturally) for running around in a swimsuit like some hussy.


Why it's not always a good idea to toss the cat in the air. Poor Ming tossed her cookies.


You can't see it very well (especially since I reduced the picture size after cropping), but this is the first snow fall of winter. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I got childishly excited when the snow began. Justus is up to a silver badge in gardening, too.


Proof that Justus 'I have a bazillion best friends' Verdi is secretly a grouch.


Proof that walkbys are too stupid to live. Er, I mean, to wear proper outerwear to protect them from the cold. NPCs don't count, apparently, but Goose should have known better.


Why it's a bad idea to run into the house from outside. Piles of snow everywhere!


I actually snapped about thirty bajillion shots of Mr Penguin, but in the end I stuck with his first topic of conversation. He's a chatty little bastard, I'll say that much.


Kyle decided to steal my gnome! That bastard! Sadly, Mr Sentry Bot didn't shock Kyle until after the gnome had been tucked into a pocket void.


I can't tell if Mr Mailperson is shocked (heh) that Kyle is being shocked, or that he's a dirty rotten thief. Does he scold? Heck no. There's a slight pathing issue, which is resolved by Kyle stepping to one side, and Mr Mailperson waves hello. He obviously has more serious memory issues than I do.


We can only hope that during next play session one of the household members goes off on a rescue mission. As it stands, the only child left in the house is Kate, who isn't that far away from getting her scholarships and being booted out.

Vane is back up to being a general, Justus is a gardening fiend, while Ming and Seth both enjoy pet jobs to bring in some extra cash (though that chance card that bombed last time around for Vane popped back up again, and getting the right decision netted §55k).

ACR seems to be working fine. Justus and Vane usually shag the pixies out of each other once per day. Maybe I'll get to see Booty Call in action once I have all the sprogs at university.