9 March 2007 12:48 am

So I installed Seasons... Of course, I only made it a couple of days into autumn, though you could definitely see the lighting change once the season ticked over from summer.

First up, fireflies. Nothing special, I suppose. Vane is in the background, kicking the pixies out of a garden gnome.


This gentleman stopped by as a representative of the Garden Committee (or whatever). Here we can see why it's imperative that I replace default face template #22 as soon as possible. That chin is just ghastly.


For some horrific reason, Vane goes all hearty-farty over the guy, and as you can see, blondie isn't too thrilled by it. Or maybe he's just confused?


Gratuitous shot of Emma maxing a skill. Lark in the background, playing chess with Mr Garden Rep. I sent her off to university at around 4.30am just to get her out of the house.


This lovely toilet decor courtesy of Harry Potter, who spent most of the afternoon and evening at the house. Eventually, Harry decided he really ought to be barfing in his own plumbing, and headed off home.


And... hey! What's this? Yes, it's Nimby, come to steal the damn newspaper! What you can't see is that Mr Mailperson is over to the left delivering the mail, and over to the right is Ms Repairperson, fixing the presently borked security bot. Sadly, this all happened about ten seconds after Justus decided to take one of the cats for a walk around the neighborhood.


Gratuitous Nimby shot, looking halfway between evil and innnocent. I gotta tell you, it's way cool to actually have sound again. As he was nearing the paper he broke out into evil laughter. It was fantastic!


I couldn't get both of them scolding at once, but you can just pretend, okay? Mr Mailperson scolded Nimby as he made a getaway, followed by Ms Repairperson, and then they went for another round. Nimby did a victory pose, then scampered off.




Justus decided he was going to teach Ming how to use the toilet. It took two sessions, and some of the animations are rather adorable, such as the one pictured. Once she finally learned the lesson, she celebrated (inset) by yowling her fool head off.


Emma had a persistent want for a First Kiss, so I sent her off to Bar Cynster (you can see it in the background three pics up). While she was chatting up Kyle (Obey!), Nimby had an altercation with some random female (she started it!) with lousy taste in clothes.


But that's okay, because Nimby made 'that face' and gave her a good hard poke to the chest.


I don't think Nimby likes her hairstyle.


Threatening faces and gestures, then Nimby smacks her around a bit. (Unfortunately, it did not erupt into a situation where he could kick the pixies out of her.)


Emma is still chatting up Kyle, while Nimby goes all hearty-farty over him. *gawk* Nimby! Behave yourself!


Nimby does the funky llama out on the dance floor. The nasty lady laughs while Draco just thinks Nimby is nuts.


"Albus, you pedophile!"


Emma was hungry, so she asked Kyle to go on an outing with her. Uh, Nimby, why are you staring like that?


He... he stole poor Kyle's dinner! The only saving grace is that shortly after Nimby hightailed it over to a different table to eat his free meal, the game crashed. Meaning... Emma didn't have to pay. On the other hand, I have no idea now if Emma still knows Kyle or if I'll have to do this all over again.


Gratuitous closer shot of an earlier Nimby pic. I'm in pixelated love. (I may have to make another icon...)