20 February 2007 02:40 pm

And now, a very short episode of SimLife.


For some odd reason, Corbin thinks it's the cat's meow to browse the collar display... and he doesn't even own a pet yet.


We rejoined this bunch of Verdis somewhere in the wee hours of the morning (which I found peculiar), and I quickly realized that a certain young lady (Emma) had not completed her homework. Joining her is Seth, supposedly an Egyptian Mau, who only headed in that direction for a chance to rip her homework to shreds. She got there first, obviously.


Sometime during the day (after the kids went to school and Vane headed in to work) Justus spent quite a long time tossing Seth in the air and making kissy faces at him. Mind you, he originally purchased an identical Egyptian Mau (Ra), but I quickly learned that the dialog defaults to Elder age, which is ridiculous, which is where Seth comes in, at the proper adult age.


Chance cards, what a pain in the ass. Vane chose badly (it wasn't me, I swear!) and was demoted. Here we see him crying like a baby in the middle of his preparation of ribs. I wonder if he's too nice, or if everyone bawls in times like this... I can't remember.


Pictured here is Ming, supposedly a Siamese, being teased by Justus with one of the freaky toys that they can materialize out of thin air (or a handy pocket). At least he had the sense to produce one that matched his outfit. Vane, in the background, is trying to remember what he was doing before he burst into tears a minute ago, and eventually gets back to food prep, cooking, and eating.