10 Novovember 2006 07:24 pm

And yes! We're back with another enthralling episode of SimLife.

This time around I made some changes, the most notable of which was to replace my default skins (by Louis of SimCribbling, Self-makeup #7) with a modified set from Shiny Sims (found under Body—the site may or may not be there now, though) that blurred out some of the problem areas (like where the neck joins to the head, and the arms join to the body), and also removed the eyebrows, and the navel jewel on females. (Granted, this means I'll actually have to give Nimby some brows...)

I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about this change, though, and time will have to speak up at some point and voice an opinion. Anyway....


Wow, such keen fashion sense, guys! Vance transitioned into clothing appropriate for an extra in Grease, while Jael decided that being a bowler was the happenin' thing. Hmm... I wonder... maybe I should export that outfit and make a set for Nimby's bowling league?


Pyro is back (aka Kristina Wolfe) as our beloved dorm cook, this time with (seemingly) an incontinence issue. Surprisingly, she didn't start any fires during our play session, which is a sure sign that somebody needs to accidentally-on-purpose hit her with Mr SimVac.


The boys had barely moved in when a fight broke out between George (shown) and Guy Pitts (the dude with the combover), as a dormie (whose name I forget) watches from the safety of the porch. Pyro raced toward the scene, but it was later revealed that she was merely in a rush to get the empty plate sitting on the table off to the left.


Proof! This is proof, my dear friends, that you can get all dormies to sleep at the same time!


Vance is thinking about getting engaged (he's been randomly rolled into a Fambly sim, btw) after a few hugs and chats with Mr Social Bunny. I find this to be frightening. Thank goodness he was on his way to hop in the cab so he could check out the social scene downtown.


A completely pointless shot of Narcissa dancing. She actually looks like she could be a nice person... *snicker*


Vance wanted to go join Ron in the hot tub, but then I noticed Voldybear arrive and go all hearty-farty over him. Who can pass that up?


I was really surprised. These two chatted for ages without pause (well, until Vance decided to mention the weather, at which point Voldybear got all pissy) about everything! Giant mechs as minions? Aliens? Voldybear thinks that might overload Mr Timeclock, though. Either that, or those two groups wouldn't know how to use one.


They also had a lovely time chatting about music. (We can assume that Voldybear does not have Muzak piped in to his HQ....)


Seeing as how elections were just recently held, I'm hardly surprised to see this particular sequence...


And just for "B" I managed to get lucky and snap a shot of Goose hopping into the hot tub starkers, and causing a random townie to shriek.


After a makeover. He's gone from looking sort of asian to rather girly. I dunno... I tried other hairstyles on him, and he looked tons more masculine, but... I ended up back with this one. I'm thinking it doesn't help that the corners of his mouth naturally turn up.


I expect this shot to turn up in some skanky gossip rag about the rich and famous. Harry Potter Prefers Ribs! Film at eleven!


Narcissa, you tramp!


Vance and Voldybear are on a date. What does Voldy roll up? Pig!


Vance wanted to kiss Bryant. It's right there in living colour! So I told him to, and he yawns at me??? Bryant, of course, is a townie with really bad hair and shitty taste in clothing (come on, jodhpurs?), and holds the position of Lab Assistant. Not great, but not horrible, either. Once we sucker him into a makeover, I'm sure he won't be quite so geeky.


I confess, I've never actually seen this roll up in the wants panel before. Vance wanted to go streaking.


Back at the dorm we see Voldybear and Bryant approaching the front door from opposite sides of the lot. Eeeeek! Thankfully, they consistently looked anywhere but at each other, so no fighting broke out.

Oh, right, I moved them to a new dorm. Got new dormies out of the bargain.


Due to a glitch of some sort, Voldy was 'ported onto the lot and immediately made a beeline for the Dance Sphere, then spun himself senseless for hours. Here we notice that Jael thinks he's hot.

What is this, anyway? Bald, venous, no nose... this is hot?


I think I'm on version three of the Vanishing Point Dorm series. This time I placed the closet behind the staircase, right next to the dresser. This way I don't have to see the pictures switching places and risk an epileptic seizure.


Voldybear eventually leaves, being too stupid to use the dorm's bathroom, which is conveniently located a couple of steps to the right (Voldy's left).


You would think with all that dancing that Arthur would have become fit, or at least not fat. At any rate, it's shocking that he's been caught going hearty-farty over a waitress. At least she's a redhead.


Voldy and Remus have another kerfuffle, which is good, because as we all know, it's not a good date/outing if someone doesn't get their ass kicked to the curb. Notice, off to the left, that Arthur is rooting for Voldy. Eh?


Today's massive shock... I set Jael up with a female. She's a dormie, but she's just so darn cute I had to. This is their first kiss, outside the Peacock Lounge.


This would explain why Default Facial Template Replacement #22 has to go. That chin is just nasty.


I don't know why you're so worried about him, Jael. I haven't seen anyone stepping on him and squishing important bits. I'd expect you (currently a randomly rolled Fortune sim) to worry about not getting tips when you jam on the guitar, not this.


Vance proposes on a date while the waitress (that hussy!) makes creepy hands off to the side. Or, maybe she's making like she wants to steal that sparkly rock Bryant is about to get.


Whoa! Narcissa pisses off yet another downtownie. I just love that face as she walks off. It's all snooty and mean.

And that concludes today's episode. Be thankful, for I originally had over twice this number of pictures, but deleted oodles.

11 Novovember 2006 11:38 pm

Because I felt like it.


Lark turned teen, and aside from a lousy choice in clothing, turned out pretty cute.


Emma doing the "I got my first A+ report card" dance.