30 October 2006 10:54 pm

And we're back! In this episode is a not entirely random sighting of the elusive Nimby, plus a short feature entitled Stalking the Wild Voldybear.


We begin our journey this evening by stopping in with Nimby and Harry. As you can all clearly see, Nimby favors close-fitting shirts with mesh insets. (The glasses are just an affectation, he says.) Harry, on the other hand, has managed to get a tan of sorts, and no longer looks like an extra in the Thriller video.

Nimby and Harry would both like to have a baby.


Completely and totally gratuitous Nimby shot. (God bless Enayla for her 'Eyes for the Eyeless' eyes.)


Here we see, erm, Lark in a new outfit and sporting a much nicer hairstyle as she kicks the pixies out of Mr Gnome. I just knew all that time downloading female stuff would be worth it in the end!


Emma transitioned into another winterwear toddler, and seems to have inherited Corbin's eyes, rather than the green everyone seems to be sporting.


Jael thought it was a smokin' idea to check himself out in front of the mirror, so I saved photos for later, when his parents can embarrass him in front of a boyfriend.


Jael was on an outing (the teen boy he noticed refused to go on a date, so he had an outing with his grandpa Corbin instead) when Kieran decided to have a kerfuffle with townie Robin Reed. Personally, I think this shot quite nearly looks like Kieran is a zombie or something, rising up from the grave behind the unsuspecting I-just-lost-my-virginity damsel in distress. A few seconds later into the fight, he dragged her down backwards, almost like he intended to take her to the grave. It was spooky, I tell you, spooky.


Corbin does not like losing at Red Hands, thank you very much.


Vane! Vane! Thou shalt not go hearty-farty over Harry Potter, especially not when your husband is just around the corner! And, oh god, think of the children!


"Why yes, Mrs Malfoy, we think tending the shop in our underthings is an excellent tactic to bring in more customers," Jael said with a bright smile.


Vane, you didn't. You did, didn't you.


Vane fell asleep in his meal. Apparently, hamburger really stops up the old sinuses when that happens.

Stalking the Wild Voldybear


What's this? Voldy decided to stop in and have a look-see at the merchandise. How incredibly convenient that Justus decided to sell baby toys and supplies, hm?

(I notice there, in the back, how the rabbit heads sink into the display shelf. Way to go, Eaxis!)


Voldybear looked really confuzzled, so I had Justus skip over to ask, "May I help you?" It turns out that Voldemort wanted a wobbly rabbit head, so.... And yes, he did purchase one. *snicker*

I can't say that I'm surprised given that they're possessed toys. Ever watched one? When a toddler tries to play with one, if it's not facing the right way it'll spin around on its own. Eeeee. Sounds like a killer toy for any kids Voldy has.


While Vance cycles through the "Oh my god you're in labor" thing in the background, toddler Emma bitches about how daddy Vane's screaming a minute ago during labor was disturbing her quality time with the logic toy.

(Kate was born just a few moments later, bringing the total up to five children.)


And last (for today) but not least, Emma transitioned into a little girl, with a much more fashionable set of jammies than her sister did. Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten to get a shot of her new and improved hairstyle, but perhaps next time.