28 October 2006 09:47 pm

And hey! We're back with another thrilling episode of SimLife, which is usually as exciting as watching grass grow, but hey... it's all the same to me how you choose to waste valuable time. grin

We have a total of fourteen shots today, though only ten of them are of the Verdi family.

The other four... well, let's just say you know this person, even if this would be the first time you've ever seen him. Tee hee!

Here we have Vane tossing Lark into toddlerhood. Note that she not only has the elf ears, but daddy Vane's brown hair. And, given that outfit, we're expecting her to make a prison break any day now.


No album is complete (I mean it!) without PT shots, so here is Justus making two potty training faces (inset is the classic expression). Note here how custom eyes make him look stoned out of his mind, not to mention somewhat reptilian.


Uh, Justus, babycakes, what are you doing over there at Mr Porcelain Throne?


Jael, the elder twin, decides to transition a good four hours late, right after kicking the pixies out of Mr Gnome. As you can see, his outfit sucks bilgewater, but we fixed that, as well as gave him a new hairstyle.


Vance, on the other hand, thought the downstairs bathroom was the happening place for transitional moments, and bamphed up right after a nice relaxing piddle. I have no idea what he was wearing, since he was in pajamas-mode, but you can see him as a teen in clothing I picked for him, and a new hairstyle. I think he looks vaguely asian....


They moved into that slightly flawed house, making way at the old house for two new tenants (who are now broke after buying barely anything... they don't even have a fridge).


Lark, my little peapod, what on earth is the story with those jammies!? And yes, dear, just as soon as the Almighty Controller gets around to it, you'll have a new hairstyle instead of that horrible pixie cut thing.


Justus, honeybuns, is it really wise to go into labor while cooking? If you burn the house down....

Emma is born shortly thereafter, and no, the house didn't burn down, though the food (chili??) was burnt, for sure.


"Eeeeeeek!" squeaked Vane. "Trevor can't see me writing in my journal all about how I have two attraction bolts for him!"


Well, as it turns out, all you have to do is be a visitor and kick a gnome. Mr Sentry Bot will be all over your ass for fiddling with them, as shown here, where an oddly mellow-looking Trevor gets electrocuted.

It's almost like he's saying, "Whoa, this is way better than the Zoloft."




"Now that you've had a moment to finish drooling, allow me to introduce myself. I am called Nick, though to my close, personal friends I go by Nimby. Surprised?"


"I have been pondering for quite some time now the creation of a contest of sorts, to be hosted at Nimby Manor."


"Of course, I think it goes nearly without saying that not everyone would get out... alive."


"Death to Mary Sues! Mwuahahahahaha!"