27 October 2006 09:06 pm

So, we crashed before, which meant no pictures of the redone aftermath, since Gadwin unloaded itself from memory (or never loaded to begin with like it should have) and therefore PrintScreen wasn't doing diddly.

Anyway, on with the show (tiny though it may be).

First up is a thumbnail shot of a house I built earlier today. The idea was to create a home-based bakery business. The doors to the house are there behind the driveway, while the shop doors are over there on the right.

Unfortunately, there is a flaw in the design. I'm using Numenor's window walls (curved in this case) to make the elevator shafts, and they look fine except for a few minor details, such as clipping through the roof, and having to do some fancy footwork down there at ground level to blend in the fact that I'm using them. Also, you have to have a floor tile for the upper pad (I hadn't made the elevators [Targa Ascension] invisible yet), which looks slightly silly given that the shaft is circular, but the floor is square.

Even a transparent floor tile won't really cut it, because they always display sides to show depth. *sigh*

001 Small
(Click the picture to see the larger image.)

Next is a shot of Severus in CAS wearing a "gay hustler" outfit I found recently thanks to a Halloween contest over at MTS2's community forums. Note the artistically ripped backside of the shorts, and that he's wearing knee-high boots. Naturally, were I to set this version of Sev loose in a neighborhood, he'd have to be a Romance sim.


Severus modeling the more colorful version of the same outfit, though this one has sandals, I believe. Either way, it's a hideous sight, don't you think?


Huh, notice anything odd? Justus is holding the result of an autonomous whoohoo I missed. Her name is Lark.


Why is it that every "friend" the kids bring home (from private school, mind you) aren't dressed in the uniform? Quite frankly, I find this little girl's outfit to be frightening. (I'm also really, really annoyed that I can't get Vane's hairstyle in other colours. The only link I could find was to a missing page.)


I noticed this yesterday, but since the snaps never actually got made, I had to watch for it again.

I'm starting to wonder if everyone in the game is fixated on Justus, Mr Sentry Bot included, and I shall have a serious conniption fit if this sucker zips inside, upstairs, and hovers near the bed while "thinking" of Justus.


I also spent time binning all the hair I have from Rose Sims 2. And I still have tons and tons in my misc folder that I have no idea how they go together. I'm starting to think it'd be easier to open up BodyShop and clone everything so I can rename them, then bin them once I'm able to have a clue what actually goes together as a style family.

And speaking of hair, I did try the Regency style, and hated it, so it got yanked back out of my game the next time I exited. If someone were to do a different texturing job... maybe.

Nimby has an idea of late, but I suppose we shall have to wait and see if time brings it forth to fruition.

ETA: I take it back. It wasn't a contest at MTS2, it was