7 April 2007 02:03 am

More crashing, and not just the program! I'm totally stuffed up now (meaning, I installed Family Fun Stuff and Glamour Life Stuff... already did Celebration! Stuff), and decided to run Paladin's Hack Conflict Scanner. Found a few, removed a bunch of hacks, and we're down to the single expected conflict.

Still, I dunno if that's going to make a difference in the crash issues. I'd really hate to have to start another new neighborhood just so I can employ the binary method of download removal/inclusion and play for hours at a time to see what, if anything, is causing the problem.

On a happier note, another dormie died today. :)

Justus and Count Whosiwhatsit shagging the pixies out of each other again. Notice that while the bar lady is hooting and cheering, nobody else in the establishment could give a flying fig. Ruddy twits. Then, a bit later, the game crashed, totally negating all my hard work.


Voldybear gets fit! Random townie in the background appears to be worshiping all that is evil. (Actually, she's dancing, but that's beside the point.)


Molly is so not impressed by muggle electronics.


And then... it happened! Granted, I couldn't hit pause quick enough to catch the first strike, but poor Johnnie (female) got nailed in the hot tub. As I'm sure you can imagine, I canceled Justus out of the tub and told him to run for his life, back inside.

He'd just gotten there when lightning struck again.


Yeah, she died. *sobs* Justus didn't know her well enough to even think about pleading for her life, and really... she's just a dormie. My only regret is that he'd built up enough of a relationship to have become friends soon... and his LTW is for 20 Best Friends. Ah well.


And then it happened again! Susan got zapped while tubbing in the rain (always a bad idea), got out, and promptly wet herself. Unfortunately, she didn't get fried a second time.