6 April 2007 02:11 am

Ye flippin' gods. My game is crashing on a regular basis now, and I have no idea why. I feel sorta like I'm back in... Sims 1. Save often, and save frequently. It just sucks to be you if it crashes on a community lot you don't own.

NB: Oh, Bats! You're in this one! Nekkid!

So, I sent Justus downtown (partly to buy a cell phone), and here I see that my custom townies are alive and well in the wild. Sirius, of course.


And Hermione, who simply adores joy-buzzering anyone she can get her hands on. Wretch. I'll have to see about fixing the mesh for her hair, since there's a neck gap. *sigh*


I don't even want to know why Narcissa is doing this in front of Harry. I just don't.


This, however, I can understand. They are cousins, after all, and I'm sure even the Black family doesn't go for breeding that closely. Or maybe... she's commenting on his blood-traitorness?


Gratuitous close-up of Narcissa. She really is pretty.


Neville, Narcissa, Molly, and... a naked Bats? Why do I get the feeling they're discussing the movie Stripes?


Neville eventually had to leave to take care of a little problem, but you can also see where Lucius is very against the whole idea of prison. Can't imagine why.... On second thought, I must wonder if Bats has a thing for construction workers.


You really ought not to be staring like that, Lucius. And yes, to somewhat preserve Bats's privacy, we censored!


This whole sequence was really adorable! Justus acted like he needed an elbow replacement. That's Count Somebodyorother, by the way.


Justus does not like telling jokes!


A joke, I think, but really cute watching Justus act it out for the Count's benefit. (By the way, can you tell I like blue?)


Justus was bashed many a time after PDAs and public woohoo by Mrs Crumplebottom. Inset shows her booing the very act!


Just for Bats, a shot of the streaker. This one isn't as cute as the one from Lunestra, but that's okay. He also looks totally gay with those brows.


A much better looking Draco, I think. Here he's readying a water balloon to fling at Lucius. Doesn't he look totally evil?


*sigh* The Count fell in love during a date... (Yes, they're about to shag the pixies out of each other in the photo booth... again.)


Hermione loves to poke Lucius every chance she gets. Eventually... yes! A fight! As we all know, it's not a decent night out if there's no fighting. The crowd was pretty evenly split as to who they rooted for, but in the end, Hermione kicks Lucius to the curb. Please note the inset of Arthur and Percy being all wussy.


Yeah, yeah. The Count decided to vamp Justus like... five minutes to daylight. Brilliant! He bit, smirked, then ran off smoking.


And finally, some dormie I don't remember the name of bites the dust, and Grimmy comes to call. I'll have to check to see if I put in a public cemetary so I can move the gravestone.