5 April 2007 01:14 am

I started a new neighborhood, ostensibly to check to see how that experiment with template townies went, but also to attempt (*snickers madly*) to begin a legacy-style... erm, whatever... with either a clone of Justus or Nimby. I chose Justus, and immediately ran into the flashing-blue accessories garbage. Say good-bye to your necklace, dearest. Anyway...

Granted, I was only in the game for an hour or two, but not once did the cook start a fire. Rather depressing, actually. Clifford here did obviously end up with one of the Enayla skins I had chucked in the skintones folder (copies both for Bodyshop/CAS and for NPC generation).


This copy of Justus has turn-ons for blond hair and vampires. That's partly why you're seeing a picture of Corey. But mainly, it was because I noticed he'd caught some butterflies. (They died a while later. Same with the fireflies the cow mascot caught later that evening.)

Corey isn't half bad looking, so....


Deborah managed to get one of the extremely pale skins. It's kind of freaky looking in the daylight. At any rate, she's busy making enemies out of all the dormies. Such a nice girl, eh?


Yeah, remember Corey? ACR, lovely mod that it is, kicked in, and off they went to shag the pixies out of each other. What surprised me, though, was that Justus got a crush on the guy just as they were about to jump under the covers.


Deborah started things up with Dexter Black. I was kind of shocked that the cook actually stood there and rooted for anyone.


Dexter won, thankfully. Actually, he reminds me a lot of Shawn from the Lunestra campus... just with different hair.


Harriet Spencer decides to pass out on the portal. How nice. In consequence, Justus was prevented from going to class, which sort of sucked. Oddly enough, Deborah is one of the mindless sheep to stand there and wring their hands in worry.


He autonomously cleans! I may have to keep Corey.


Another picture I like to call "Design Flaw." I'll have to fix the template dorm file... fixed this one after much hair pulling. Can't delete those blasted floor tiles, so I had to improvise.


Unfortunately, the game crashed just as Justus and Corey were off for another round of shagging the pixies out of each other. I don't even want to know how much time I lost since the last save.