26 October 2006 06:48 pm

I played the other day, then again today. Granted, I was in the middle of getting a toddler taught how to piss in a pot when my machine crashed... the dreaded BSOD. *sigh*

Anyway, after the weeding process, this is what's left.

After an outing downtown, Shane SomebodyOrOther drops by late at night to gift Justus with.... a 2x2 circular rug, which hid under the pathway until I was bright enough to mouse over that spot.


Why, Justus darling, are you sick for a reason...? Please note the lovely shot of the infamous Bathroom Uses You! terlet roll. I always forget to use the recolours for some reason.


Vane obviously has more to learn when it comes to sex woohoo if he has that expression on his face while reading. Perhaps Justus should drag him back upstairs for more lessons?


Justus came home from work (he hadn't popped yet) and immediately fell asleep standing up, too tired to even manage a feeble "Yay!" over his promotion. Maybe that's why he's dreaming about himself?


Shawn running from the sentry bot. I really only included this for his expression and the fact that there's a comet in the upper right.


More fluff, this time of Kyle talking to Justus's belly and saying hello to the incoming child(ren).


Shawn is still stalking the house and trying to steal the damn paper. He came by four times in a single day. I suppose, though, that he might have been after the trash can during one of those.


Oh look... he's back.


This time, however, Mr Sentry Bot goes out of control and careens off into the house to try to shock Vane.


Vane responds by frantically trying to turn the damn thing off before he starts modeling the latest in that new style called Electrocuted.


Poor George. All he tried to do was stand Mr Gnome back up (I think, anyway, since I have a mod in that prevents people stealing them).


Like, oh my god! You're in labor!


Er, right. I love the odd little glitches that happen in this game. I'm going to blame the subsequent crash on this, yeah.


Justus, after being promoted, comes home to take a shower (because he stunk). So, here is an example of when mods go wrong. *gawks at Justus's naughty bits*


Vane's LTW is to Max All 7 Skills, not be a damn general, but I saw no particular reason to make him quit his job.


A birthday party for the twins, named Jael (brown hair) and Vance (black hair). I forget who is holding who, though.


I love how elf ears poke through Justus's criminal cap. But really, this is just an excuse to show a picture of toddler Vance. He appears to have transitioned into a winter outfit with mittens, which makes it all seem quite strange when he picks his little nose.


Due to a bug of some sort, Jael was yanked off the changing table and dumped on the floor, stark naked. It totally glitched up the cribs, table, and the baby controller until I forced a reset on the little ankle biter.


We crashed right after I took these two shots. *sigh* And poor Justus, very hungry, but I won't let him eat until he's emptied the toddler potty. Your basic shots of, "Ewwwww! You want me to deal with this... toxic waste?"



I never even got a chance to check out the new hairstyles I'd included this go around.

Oh, but... I did put in place a set of the Mary Lou & Numenor kitchen stuff (the counters) and they seemed to be just fine. The corner piece auto-adjusted itself beautifully, and when I tried to place the Reproductive Adjuster on top of it, that object automagically went to 45°.