23 October 2006 04:04 am

My most recent batch of shots. Nothing special, unless you count an unexpected guest....

Justus needed a sentry bot, so I made his brother Trevor start a new business selling... bots. So here is Justus at the shop paying for his bright, shiny new toy. (Please note, several of the toys robots on display are throwing off sparks and smoke, which is always a crowd pleaser.)


The proposal, after Vane has been invited to visit. Naturally, I immediately checked to see if Justus could then get married to Vane, and he could, so....


Justus threw a wedding party, and had to sell off several items in order to afford the arch and some chairs for the guests. In the background you can see Kestrel dancing with Blaine. I'd never actually seen this behavior before (though I'd certainly heard about it) until I attempted to throw a wedding party.


"With this ring..."


"...I thee wed..."


Hey! Who invited you!?


A toast is made (I really should NOT have put that set out, but I couldn't resist), Justus and Vane kiss, and Shawn fumes furiously.


Then he joins in the next toast! (Eh?)


Why it's a bad idea to put out the champagne... if you leave it there, they'll toast until everyone goes into bladder failure. Poor Vane....


"Aw, man, I'll never live this down," Vane said with a frown as Stewart looked on.

And he won't. That will be gossip fodder for sim centuries to come! Mwuahahahaa!


Oh look! Like we didn't expect this would happen. Shawn bitch slapped Stewart, who returned the favor, and the next thing we know, they've leapt at each other like piranas on an unsuspecting person attempting to ford the river.

Justus was so keen to watch his ex get the shit kicked out of him that he rushed out of the bathroom to cheer Stewart on. I don't suppose I need to mention who won...?


Justus realizes once he gets to the limo that he's nekkid. *gasp*


And then... depression set in. Justus was having a seriously hard time getting into the vehicle. Voldykins called, actually, to ask for a date. And then some other person, and another, and another....


Just a shot I thought was cute of Justus fuming about Shawn.


It continually surprises me that studying up on mechanical can be so incredibly shocking.


And I was right to make Justus buy that sentry bot! Ha! Take that, Shawn! Steal my paper, will ya?


Vane is an astronaut, lacking two charisma points to get promoted. This is the first time I've even seen the damn outfit up close, and was amused to see the "logos" on it.


Maybe when Vane gets home from work (Justus has the day off) they can go woohoo until one of them drops from exhaustion. (Vane has a want for a baby at the moment, which I locked.)