21 October 2006 09:55 pm

I was playing when "B" came in to say she had rented The Omen (new version), so I went off to watch that. I was not impressed, I must say. And I was quite distressed to see poor Remus (sorry, Ken or whatever his name was) get beheaded quite graphically.

Frankly, most of the people in the film were flat out ugly. I don't like the fellow playing Mr Thorne, I can't stand Julia Styles, and for heaven's sake... Michael Gambon was in it, which was an immediate downer, not to mention Mia Farrow showed her ugly puss. Blech.

I resized most of the pictures down from native resolution captures after I cropped them, and you can really see the pixelation in this first one.

Justus in front of his new house. I decided to add a bay window since I'm still daydreaming about having the Pets expansion, and I know the little ankle biters can sit on that shelf and play, "How much is that doggy in the window?"

Slightly annoyed, though. Apparently it's a really, really bad idea to drop a bed into inventory still... I dunno. I brought his home from university and put it in the house, but people kept resetting constantly. It was either that or the Sleep Clock. That set of problems went away after I deleted them.


So, I threw a party... a wedding party. Unfortunately, we caught another old bug, wherein you cannot Propose/Marriage to a dormie. The wedding arch refused to do more than sit there and look expensive. I tried it twice, then said screw this and nabbed Voldykins as he strolled by and had Justus plant a wet one on him.

Shawn finally paid attention and did the "You god damn cheating bastard" thing, and the relationship between him and Justus was shattered. Justus then broke things off to ixnay the engagement status and asked Shawn to leave.


This is Vane, our next target. He's in the townie pool and prefers something other than Windoze on his home computer, as you can see by his custom tanktop.


A bit disturbing there, Albus old boy... obsessing over both Justus and Mitchell? Really now.


Mitchell does not look happy to be object of Albus's affections, especially since Mitchell is an elder, and Albus is only masquerading as one.


Goose comes by to stalk poor Justus again while he's in the middle of romancing Vane.


Vane responds to this intrusion by suggesing they shove a bomb up Goose's backside, dash off, then push the Big Red Button.


I like to call this shot "Design Flaw." I wasn't thinking (obviously) when I designed this community lot. The basement is twin bathrooms, but there wasn't any door, per se, just the Targa "elevator" leading up to the ground floor. With BUY installed, that creates a problem when it tries to kick people out and has no idea where to send them. (I went back and fixed the problem before I had a shitload of townies buy the farm downstairs.)


Shawn arrives to steal the paper since he's now in mutual fury status with Justus. Unfortunately, Justus doesn't have a bot, and doesn't have a badge to make them, either.