20 October 2006 03:42 pm

So, I installed a little utility called Gadwin PrintScreen that I'd heard about over at MATY so that I could have Mr PrintScreen key automagically dump snaps into a folder of my choice, in the format of my choice, rather than relying on the "c" key to take snapshots from in game.

I must say, it makes a huge difference insofar as picture size. The game camera tends to fool you into thinking you're closer than you are. Anyway, a series of shots taken during the final semester of senior year for Justus and Trevor.

Of course, then you have to deal with the cursor appearing, the game interface, etc....

We're in a new version of Verdi Hall (and I'm still working the damn kinks out of the design) and thus we have some new dormies and a new... oh dear, a new cook. Meet Kristina Wolfe, who also has no cooking skill to her name. Since we already named the other one Fumbles, I'm not sure what I should nickname this one. Well, let's see if she burns anything first, shall we?


Guy Pitts staring longingly at the door to Justus's room, wishing he could get past the APO in order that he might relax naked on the lovebed. Haha! Sucks to be you, Guy! And damn it all, man... if you'd get a decent hairstyle, people might notice you have a very nice face.


Dormie I-Can't-Remember-His-Name standing in front of the Vanishing Point dorm door stack. There are actually six doors stacked on top of each other, leading into a 1x1 room. Four are for dormies, while the other two are theoretically there for Justus and Trevor to claim (which they never do).

I'm thinking of moving the bedrooms upstairs in v3 of Verdi Hall—for the dormies, at least.


Justus goes downtown to Club Verdi (which also needs a retrofit given the pathing issues I've noticed) and spots Dumbles cheating on him in thought bubbles by getting all hearty-farty over one of the twins.

"Call me, baby," Albus said with a sexy smirk. "You know you want to."

Double ewwwww.


Wherein the waiter is fixated on women's clothing, Justus is considering calling the Arkham Asylum, and Goose is stalking Justus in the guise of a patron at the next table over.

I really like the look on Justus's face. It's like he's saying, "Er, right. Did you forget your medication, red? And is that shaved bit from the lobotomy?"


Goose upstairs on the dance floor getting jiggy doing the Funky Llama. I am hardly surprised to see Corbin in the background making the "he's mental" gesture.

By the way, Goose, how is it that you're here downtown when you have a newborn baby at home and no nanny...? For that matter, you have no house, furnishings....


Justus scores the Have 30 Best Friends want by talking with Narcissa.


I had totally forgotten about this little bonus that can pop up.


*sigh* It seems she needs a nickname after all. We'll call her Pyro.


Trevor's graduation shindig, when I finally decided to let him propose engagement to Stewart.


Trevor spins into an adult with really lousy taste in clothing. However, thanks to the clothing tool from Pescado, we fix that little problem before Trevor hops in a cab to wait in the sim bin.


And during Justus's party, things get a bit heated out on the porch between Guy and... I forget his name. Justus at least spinned into adult with a nice set of clothes before getting into the cab, though I was still forced to click through the clothing options before he could prance off in a blaze of glory.