19 October 2006 12:17 pm

Geez. As far as I'm concerned, I rolled one of the nastier LTWs for my single controllable sim, that being Earn §100k. Without decent chance cards, this would take a long, long time to do, and it also pointed out the odd planning mistake I made.


We will be visiting the Pleasantview Asylum (you didn't really think I'd put this in my normal hood, did you?) which is located way up on the hill across the bridge from the main part of town. You know, away from all the theoretically sane people. *snorts*


A shot of the front corner of the building. Please note the use of both Numenor's window walls, but also the use of ceiling tiles.

And that brings us to our first building tip. Place all ceiling fixtures before placing the ceiling tiles, and try not to miss any squares, like I did (in the kitchen). And remember, you can't flip the tiles over until a sim moves onto the lot.


And our, um, cast. Alan is the only sane one, naturally. He thought that lease agreement looked a bit suspicious when he signed it, but he wasn't expecting to be placed into an asylum with seven people fitted with special bracelets to keep them from leaving the lot. Electroshock therapy anyone?


On day three, a Wednesday, tragedy struck.


Oddly, though, Helen managed to scamper off. Taking her place as Chief Panicker is Eric. *cue ominous music*


They spent a good 2.5 hours doing a semi-synchronized "Oh my god it's a fire!" panic dance. Alan was at work, naturally. One of the inmates, however (I forget which offhand), really didn't care and spent his time in the Dance Sphere spinning his brains to mush.


And then it happened. Eric caught on fire. (Notice Helen back there looking worried. I should have purchased a set of Runs With Scissors for you, darling.)


Helen: So, how long do you think he'll last?
Gina: Surely he won't die a crispy death!?


No, actually, he didn't. Alan arrived home (finally) and immediately phoned the Fire Dept., then raced into the kitchen to try to put Eric out. The firemen arrived and soon there was chemicals galore in the air, adding a certain hint of... something... to the already heavily scented air.


Eric decides, after having been on fire for at least an hour or so (???) decides that now is a good time to piss on the floor. Frankly, I can't be upset with him. I'm just surprised he managed to get that done before he went back to a blind panic.


Oh, silly me. After the fire is finally dealt with, Eric goes into aspiration failure (my first) as Helen looks on with a blank expression. She's probably thinking something like, "Better him than me."


Alas, Eric did not make it. After laying there passed out on the kitchen floor for hours and hours (causing one female to get all pissy because she wanted to take a sponge bath and couldn't shoo him from the kitchen), he curled up and died. Grimmy showed up, flipped through his clipboard, called in, then sent Eric off to sparklypoo land.

And that brings us to our next building tip. Always (and I mean always) remember to place a door leading into the kitchen. It's very helpful. Second, don't place the sink in the kitchen, no matter the temptation. Sponge bathers can and will hold the room hostage while they bathe.


Next up is the only way to platinum for a crappy roll of the dice. Is that... why, yes it is! Alan! What are you doing talking to Benjamin Long??


Ben, of the exceptional fashion sense...?


"You want me to do what????" Poor Alan, forced into a date with Ben in order to get platinum. It's hard for a Fortune sim since you can't buy anything. You must rely on other (non-inmate) sims to get the right kind of wants to roll.

Speaking of which, Ben has absolutely NO chemistry with Alan, but Alan has one bolt for Ben. Either way, it's a train wreck, but they do fall in love on their first date. *shudders*


Random shots of various happenings between Monday and Thursday:

Cathy and Gina worry about potential aspiration failure while David... David is just plain creepy. He loves to relax on one of the beds, smiling like a damn loon, and thinking of various people (and even wedding rings).


Next building tip: in order to save time on sims shooing each other to death, use the public stall and the university shower rather than normal ones. You can also put them in separate rooms to cut back on clogging issues.


The owners of the establishment (I suspect the Goths) don't waste their money on seating for the television, nor do they bother to slap a new coat of paint onto the walls to freshen the place up at all.

And that's my next tip. You're actually better off, I think, forgetting the TV (even though the inmates can autonomously learn Cooking from the Yummy Channel) and going with a radio instead. Inmates keep switching the tv on and off (even in the middle of Alan's workout!) so it's just too hit or miss.

And besides, you might want to get dancing skill from the radio in order to Bust a Move on potential paramours to speed things up a bit.

Along with that, you might choose the easel over an instrument for creativity. Sure, the piano means your inmates are skilling away, but an easel is good if you have a Fortune sim (like Alan) who has a crappy earnings-based LTW. He literally has no way to make money aside from on chance cards and possible sales from date gifts.

Oh, and there's Cathy napping in her meal. It's just as well, since all the beds were taken, as was the chaise.


And finally, Beatrice taking a sponge bath (Cathy also favors them), with Gina having a teensy accident on the right.

The other thing I did was enable testing cheats, then shift-click on each inmate and make them Unselectable so I wouldn't be tempted to check on them more closely.

Still, I get the feeling this attempt will fail. (More like it was abandoned.)