17 October 2006 03:44 am

So, today has been an absolutely crappy day. Whatever. I had 80 shots when I started, most of which were deleted, like the series capturing Trevor gossiping to Mona about how Shawn keeps getting his ass kicked to the curb by Stewart.

Obviously, I wasted all day playing again because I had no motivation to do anything else, and certainly not anything productive.

We start off wondering why on earth Lucius looks so shocked. Albus, are you up to something?

(Note the twin in the background... those two are friggin' creepy. Both of them cornered Justus in between bar stools at one point on a visit downtown and kept alternating socials on him. Eeep.)


Well, shucks, I'd say so. (A completely autonomous action on Alby's part.) A twin looks on jealously while Kestrel can't bear to watch. (I don't blame him.)


Voldemort looks just plain heartbroken, don't you think? (Given the time of day, this doesn't actually go here, but I have no idea why he made this face to begin with.)


But that's all right, because Justus noticed and decided to make him feel better by going on a date, part of which was spent shagging the pixies out of each other in the photo booth. I'm not sure what Kyle is doing over there, but it rather looks like he's saying, "Yeah, keep your damn hands off Justus, you... you... elderly person!"


Albus damn near swoons as the booth gets jounced around. Luckily for the restaurant owner, he doesn't drop dead on the spot and make them loose their liquor license or something.


Justus compounds the issue by snogging Voldy after they're done. Oddly enough (and most likely due to the romance mod), Albus doesn't go on a slapping spree because the person he's crushing on is canoodling with another man.


However, in a desperate attempt to drown the pain, Albus turns to a life of crime and steal's this poor young lady's drink before she even gets to sip from it, then stands alarmingly close and makes a poor attempt at seeing down her shirt.


Speaking of crime, the Weasley twins are bloody thieves. Poor Justus... everytime he ordered a drink, bam! A twin nicked it (and Severus at one point). I had a shot of a twin making a getaway, and Justus was looking back over his shoulder with a moneybag thought bubble. I think he was complaining.

This is Countess Becky Matthews doing the Funky Llama. "Fear me!" she commands, then reverts back to a happy face as the dance continues. All around the restaurant people are pointing and laughing, or making the crazy sign up next to their temple.

Countess Becky

This week on Fight Club!

Arthur makes his opinion known as the group sits down and chats while deciding what to order. Rrrrrr. Things develop as normal. (I think they had at least three fights this play session.)

Fight Club

Now hang on a mo... looks like Voldykins has a new enemy. I wonder if Remus is pissed off because Sirius has never made it into the neighborhood and Voldy is a good person to blame?

Remus slaps, Voldy slaps back, then kicks Remus to the curb. Remus then makes that Rrrrrr face and growls in Voldy's general direction.


Area 51

Goose 101

"Hi, my name is Goose, and I don't look anything like the real me. I was selected for this experiment in alien genetics after the real me annoyed Nicole while playing cards earlier. We used InSIM to knock me up, and here I am waving my arm around in a futile manner as I pop into the second trimester, and then the third.

"After an incredibly accelerated pregnancy duration, I went into labor (I never did get that Lamaze class I was promised, but I was able to get the breathing thing down) and produced a lovely little girl I named... uh.... Well, that part isn't important! What is important is that the default alien skin replacement Nicole made from Enayla's Pixie Serpent appears to have worked! Isn't she lovely?"

Goose 102

I need to age her up to at least toddler to see if she has the elf ears. I'm almost certain my current PT replacement facial structure has them... She looks slightly peculiar with eyebrows, though. I'll have to see how that goes when she gets older... that is, if I ever play the lot again for longer than it takes to check on her ears.

Justus trying to have a conversation with Narcissa (working toward his impossible want of 30 simultaneous best friends). It doesn't appear to be going well.


I have no idea what the hell this was about. However, my mind supplied a Kyle saying something like, "No, really, I don't want to be your minion, no matter what my shirt says! I don't care what kind of benefits you offer, and while we're at it, would you please stop swooning when I walk by?"


Priestess Bats in her bikini.


Bats wanted real shots of the streaker, and he did show up today, so....


"So, Voldybear," Justus said in an innocent sort of way, "just how many of your minions ride the short bus?"

Voldemort turned away, too ashamed to answer.


"Hey, Shawn! Massive congratulations on getting my brother to pony up your very first kiss. Maybe next time I can congratulate you on that whoohoo thing you two did in the hottub."


"Why, hello, Guy! I'm ever so thrilled that you decided to do a walk by as I was just thinking about you. By the way, could you do me a teeeensy little favor and maybe, um, clean the entire dorm building? Thanks so much!"


I have absolutely no idea what the hell was going on here. Kieran looks like he's having intestinal cramping or something... or... maybe Voldy is doing something rude to him? I dunno, man.

Maybe it was a massively glitched tickle social, and Voldy ended up behind Kieran...?