16 October 2006 12:25 am

I keep forgetting to log back into AIM when I'm done simming. Anyway, a few pictures from the last play session. I'm still seriously considering starting an Apocalypse neighborhood, and I really do need to InSIM someone with an alien sprog so I can see if the new default alien skin I made from Enayla's Pixie Serpent works.

Justus went downtown to test out a new lot—a combination restaurant/club—which didn't go so well at first due to me having placed a customer selector on the lot. Nobody showed up until I deleted it (thanks to the cheat code which turns off dorm tools), but after that we were able to amuse ourselves and meet a few new downtownies I'd released into the wild.

I'm still going to have to scrap the lot and rebuild into something smaller.

Anyway, an evening out just isn't any fun without a round of fisticuffs, and this time Arthur and Voldykins obliged. Molly finally decided to root for her husband as Corbin raced in to watch. Also note Remus Lupin (a Voldemort supporter) hiding his face in worry. Walking by outside is Kyle, a new downtownie based off the Eros sim by NessyOriginal (MTS2).


Remus continues to make the "Oh, god, I can't look" face as the battle rages on (for another couple of hours, but then it was time for a nap and washroom break). Also seen is that blond waitress known affectionately as Fumbles Jr (I think she must be the granddaughter of Fumbles the dorm cook considering that she was the one who dropped dinner all over Justus and party a ways back) saying, "Christ, not those two again."


Corbin is so excited in this shot! It's better than the Superbowl, he says. Meanwhile, Remus is still too much of a wuss to properly observe or even cheer for Voldykins.


And of course, Voldy wins. Remus finally uncovers his eyes, but is now making that "Oh my god, you could have been hurt!" face.


Just a shot of Voldy pointing and laughing at Kyle as he dances. It's not the smustle, exactly, but neither is it normal dancing. Either way, it's hilarious to watch, and makes one think the participants ought to be wearing cowboy hats.

(Please note that I forgot to put paint or paper on the half walls, but that's okay since I'll be bulldozing the lot anyway.)

Actually, having taken another look, I find the logo on Kyle's tank to be hilarious, especially when you compare it to Voldy.


The final shot is of the elusive Mrs Crumplebottom, who we all know is very, very disapproving of Public Displays of Affection. However, the lure of the poker table was too much for her to resist (even over the bar, strangely enough), and thus a potential disaster was averted for all customers of the club.

Seated with her is that bitch Trevor hired to manage his shop, but who quit before he could even click on "Mind the store." (And yes, the shop sells baby goods and toys for toddlers/children. Once I get a manager in place, I'm going to stalk the wild Voldy as he shops for a crib or a wobbly rabbit head.)