14 October 2006 04:55 am

I played again today, after going on another downloading spree. *hums* However, today's episode of SimLife isn't nearly as interesting as the last one. Still, I took the damn pictures, so I'm going to post them.

Bats, sorry, but the streaker did not show up this session, so no shot of him.

This is very picture heavy.

We start off as the boys are going to bed (I forget why... maybe it's that sleep thing I keep hearing rave reviews about). They had returned from the finals for their first semester of sophomore year, and were immediately stuck back on College Rampage. Now, that generally sticks through bedtime, so I wasn't expecting to, the next morning, suddenly realize that Justus was nowhere to be found.


Ahem. I do not remember telling you it was okay to attempt to shag the pixies out of Shawn again. We follow the rules, darling, and participate in the sport of kings, remember?

Thankfully (and especially since neither one of them had worked up the courage yet to actually attempt woohoo in a BED), this happened:


Bless you, Shawn, for getting hungry and having enough sense to get OUT of bed in order to deal with that little problem.


Of course, after freaking out over that nude man about to do an assignment in the lounge, what does Shawn do? Right! He follows the Dormie Handbook and ignores the food in the kitchen, and instead hits the guitar in order to jam for tips. It drops from his queue twice due to hunger before he finally buys a clue and heads toward salvation.


By then, a table in the kitchen has been cleared off, so naturally Justus heads in there rather than use the desk again. I guess it's not cool or something.

And now, an extremely short interlude.


Well shit. It's no fucking wonder she keeps setting the kitchen on fire! She ain't even a fully trained cook! And I know I haven't used Mr SimVac on her, so.... it's gotta be that she was genned fresh in a DAC neighborhood.


And of course, everybody (except Trevor) got all shocked over a naked man in the building. I should think they'd be drooling instead, but no.... all these damn shy people. And Mona, honey, puh-leeeze get something other than granny undies? Ugh.



Fast forward a bit to evening (it might be the next day, who knows) and Justus has filled his educationally approved progress bar in an unspecified major. (He's too busy trying to make 30 best friends to worry about something silly like declaring a major.)

As he's walking into the cafe, he notices yet another round of gossip. I eye this with a certain amount of suspicion, wondering if Sev is "up to something." In the meantime, they can compare their noses from the side.


It's depressing. Every time I look away, something happens. In this case, a visitor I wish I'd seen soon enough.


Thus, Justus gets vamped in a lovely series of pictures that could have been even more graphically verbose.





Now that that's out of the way, Justus has a date to make happy. Naturally, he starts off by shagging the pixies out of Shawn in the photo booth. Ann literally dashed onto the lot to cheer them on, then left immediately. Friggin' bizarre.



More on this one later, but suffice to say, blondie doesn't like Shawn.


I'm thinking our waitress is psychic or something.... I dunno.


They did actually eat first. Justus isn't that cruel.



So, I'm watching this little playlet unfold, already making plans on which way to kill Shawn should he do something stupid like refuse, when I panned around to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Sure enough, there's a stalker! I swear, he stood there for ages and ages, until Severus finally arrived and made him turn around so they could talk.


However, Justus (and even Shawn) were being plagued by other stalkers throughout the evening. Notably, Molly and Fred Weasley. And I can't tell if Molly is getting hearty-farty over both young men, or that way over the idea of watching them in bed.


Life goes on. The sun rises when I'm not paying attention, thus pissing me off. So, Justus ends the date and calls for a taxi. Thankfully, due to certain mods I have, he's perfectly safe while inside during the day... he just smoked a lot while he walked to the cab, but it wasn't bad enough to seriously fry his motives, and it was night when he got back to the dorm.

And, thanks to one vial of Umbrella Corp's Vamprocillin-D, and some horribly complicated twisting motions and sparkly lights, Justus is de-vamped!


I, like the idiot that I am, allowed Justus to stop rampaging long enough to answer the phone. Fred wanted to invite him on an outing. So, okay, fine. Off we go. And it's damn near the same people, and the Malfoys once again sit with each other, snobs that they are.

Meanwhile, the waiter is telling everyone all about their dinner theatre, which generally consists of having your food dumped on your head by a waitperson without enough body skill.


A glance over at the Malfoy part of the group is revealing... or perhaps concealing? They all seem quite interested in the subject.


The meal is eaten, and Justus is dancing with Voldykins just prior to saying, "Screw this, let's go to LuLu's instead." Please note that Corbin is once again going all gaga over Sev, while Narcissa has a rather maniacal smile on her face as she obessess once again about Voldykins (right in front of Lucius, too, vile wench).


So, I got most everyone on the dance floor and started the Smustle. Almost immediately Justus and Sev had a collision problem that threatened to make them into conjoined twins. It's hard to see, I know, but their faces are sharing the same space, and it's not kissing going on.

Draco never did manage to get up the courage to join in until half the group left to soak in the hottub. Kestrel, however, joined in without being asked and smustled his little heart out.



Notice that Bats has arrived and joined the fun. When not smustling, she can be found at the bar knocking back drinks. *arches brow* Trying to become the next Mrs Crumplebottom, are we?



*sigh* Those swimsuits... just for reference, that's Sev getting out on the left, Bats getting in, and Voldy, of course, on the right.

Narcissa... (I'm afraid to even try to see how many bolts she has for him. Then again, for all I know, it's a conspiracy among the townie population for everyone to constantly be thinking about Justus.)


And now we move on to the final section of today's torture. First up, the Chair From Hell! I've had to reset the friggin' thing several times now. I think it's getting stuck because of Mona trying to do assignments, but... I dunno.

Chair From Hell

As I said, blondie (Stewart, the Uni Young Adult answer to Mr Big, apparently) doesn't like Shawn, and kicks his ass to the carpet whenever he gets a chance. Trevor, as usual, just doesn't care, but he is slightly miffed about the stairway being blocked when he's hungry.


Oooo, you big meanie! Trevor, call him over right now! Distract him!


This poor girl. She was banned from cheerleading at the games because she frequently forgot to wear undies, and it kept resulting in the boys on their side getting into fatal accidents, so now...

Well, just look at her. She's reduced to cheering on chess matches, for christ's sake. Trevor, however, wonders if there's a way to make money off her situation. Exploitation, anyone?


The cow... I didn't ban it. It came inside, headed straight for the cook, and flirted with her. Cow was rejected, so she pranced up the stairs to relax on Justus' lovebed and was denied thanks to the APO on the wall. Dejected, she went back downstairs in that slumped-over-I'll-never-be-happy-again walk, then tried to flirt with the cook again. Denied! Cow then pranced over to the guitar to jam for tips and failed (surprisingly) to bother anyone for the rest of her stay.


Llama, on the other hand, was a bit high on "fruit juice" when he arrived at the dorm, and subsequently mistook Justus and Shawn's activities as practice for synchronized showering. Thus, he did his little cheer routine, ending with the usual, "Vo, gerbits!"


I couldn't figure out why Trevor's queue icon kept flickering, so I looked about, and sure enough he was still on the lot, not at class. Of course, considering that Stewart decided to block the portal by passing out on it, I'm not surprised. Trevor finally shows some emotion and decides to giggle and point and all that.

What's scary is that the girl in his thought bubble... she died on that spot.

Please note, in the background you can see a nude Justus engaging in the sport of kings to fix up that fun bar.


And our final picture. After distracting Stewart from Shawn, Trevor had a want to go on a date with someone. The only person he knew well enough to consider asking was blondie, so he did, and Stewart accepted... with alacrity. Next thing I know, they're in love.

From left to right: making out (I think after the date ended), Stewart grinning at what he's anticipating next apparently, and third, him showing that he too can wander about nude like that Justus fella people keep gossiping about, and goes to class without dressing.


And that's it for today, assuming anyone is still here and/or awake! :)